Most Expensive Watch In The World With Price

Most Expensive Watch In The World With Price

A fashionable watch is most likely the ultimate fashion item and if you have a thing for timepieces, you most likely know how expensive a wonderfully designed watch could get. Well known watch makers from all over the world use diamonds, platinum, fancy tourbillons, chronographs and perpetual calendars to make an impression on everyone with their most costly creations.

Business Week asked the most famous high-class watch manufacturers about their priciest products presently on the market and that’s how we made this list with the most expensive watches in the world. Costs range from $75,000 to a staggering $4,599,487 for the most highly-priced watch in the list.

1. Louis Moinet – Meteoris (Price: $4,599,487)

The Swiss watch manufacturer Louis Moinet launched this new concept known as Meteoris in the first month of 2010. The watch is really a collection of four tourbillon watches, each designed out of worldly components such as meteorite from Mars, the moon, an asteroid and an historic meteorite called Rosetta Stone. The company worked with universities around the world to authenticate these components and this watch also come with a planetarium that depicts the solar system.

2. Piaget – Emperador “Temple” (Price: $3,300,000)

The Emperador “Temple” from Piaget has basically two invisible timepieces that are exposed by pushing down on specific parts. The 1st watch has a set with 481 brilliant-cut diamonds, 207 baguette-cut diamonds and an emerald-cut diamond on the top of the case although the 2nd watch has a tourbillon, a Polynesian mother of pearl dial, 162 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 baguette-cut diamonds. The bracelet is also covered with 350 baguette-cut diamonds.

3. Cartier – Secret watch with phoenix decor (Price: $2,755,000)

Cartier’s Secret watch received an extra twist of high-class for this one of a type phoenix shaped wrist watch. The watch is designed of 18 carat, rhodium-plated white gold and it uses normally for the eyes and a big pear-shaped symbol cut diamond weighting 3.53 carats on it. The watch is covered by 3,010 amazing-cut diamonds totaling 80.13 carats.

4. Franck Muller – Aeternitas Mega 4 ( Price: $2,700,000 )

The Aeternitas Mega 4 has more elements and difficulties than probably almost each and every other watch in the world. It’s designed of 1,483 elements and it has 36 complications. The watch displays three time zones and a 999-year calendar, it has a flyback chronograph and chimes the Carillon Westminster melody on the hour with small strikes on the quarter hour.

5. Parmigiani Fleurier – Fibonacci Pocket Watch ( Price: $2,400,000)

The Fibonacci pocket watch has a case designed with enameling of a lotus flower which mimics Fibonacci’s Golden Rule and it’s depicted by the snail shape. The watch features mother-of-pearl counters and a white gold dial with a minute repeater with cathedral chimes and a perpetual calendar. The piece can take up to two years to be designed.

6. Blancpain – Tourbillon Diamants ( Price: $1,812,700 )

The Tourbillon Diamants from Blancpain functions 480 embedded diamonds totaling 58 carats on the dial, bezel, case, lugs and bracelet. It is self winding and it has an extremely long power reserve of seven days. This high-class watch is water proof to a depth of 100 meters.

7. Patek Philippe – Sky Moon Tourbillon ( Price: $1,091,869 )

This is the 1st double-faced wrist watch from Patek Philippe and functions the nocturnal sky on its reverse side with the motion of the stars, the orbit of the moon and its phases and a display of sidereal time. It also functions a perpetual calendar, a tourbillon and a minute repeater.

8. Ulysse Nardin – Royal Blue Tourbillon ( Price: $1,000,000 )

Ulysee Nardin made only 30 pieces of this wonderful watch which comes with a platinum case and bracelet with a total of 568 baguette-cut Top Wesseldon diamonds and 234 baguette-cut royal blue sapphires. The diamonds from this watch create a total of 33.8 carats while the sapphires total 16.79 carats.

9. Hublot – Million $ Black Caviar Bang ( Price: $1,000,000 )

The Black Caviar Bang from Hublot has the case, crown dial and clasp set in baguette-cut black diamonds. The watch has 544 diamonds, with a overall of 34.5 carats and it has no numbers on its dial. It has an changeable leather strap and last year it won the Grand Prix de Geneve Jewelry Watch award.

10. Jacob & Co. – Crystal Tourbillon ( Price: $900,000 )

The Crystal Tourbillon has an 18 carat gold case covered in baguette-cut diamonds which total 17.48 carats and it also has a transparent skeleton tourbillon dial. Only 18 pieces of this watch were made by Jacob & Co. The watch is completed with an alligator band with a 2.22 carat baguette diamond buckle.

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