The 10 Most Expensive Hublot Watches

The 10 Most Expensive Hublot Watches

Hublot is a deluxe watch production company that was founded by Carlo Crocco in 1976. In the past, Carlo Crocco had been part of Italy’s Binda Group dynasty before leaving to try his luck in the watch- creating field. The outcome was MDM Geneve, with which he launched his 1st watch in 1980. The face, which resembled a porthole, was what motivated the name “Hublot.”

Customers were drawn to the impressive strap and modern design of the Hublot, making it an almost quick hit. Hublot had set a new standard by including the very 1st natural rubber straps on a watch in history. Three years later, persons known the high quality of the strap due to its ability to remain supple and soft even after exposure to the weather components and extended use. Since then, virtually every watch brand makes use of rubber straps.

Today, Hublot belongs to the French deluxe things corporation LVMH and is one of the most sought after timepieces in the world. In fact, it is so precious that Formula One CEO (Bernie Ecclestone) was once mugged for his Hublot watch. Some of its most famous endorsers consist of Diego Maradona, Usain Bolt, the whole Manchester United football team, and the remaining members of the had to come up with a method of authenticating their timepieces.

It is known as wisekey and started working in August 2009. Most Hublot watches are commonly expensive, but these are the 10 most pricey Hublot timepieces of all time.

10. The Bigger Bang – $62,500

The Bigger Bang is all black with thirty three set jewels and a skeleton-like dial. It occurs with a single button chronograph, a sapphire-built display, and a stainless steel clasp. While in its auction at Sotheby’s, this Hublot watch was sold for $62,500.

9. Classic Fusion Vision II – $90,000

The last Hublot on the list is also one of the most rare watches from the company. The watch was created with different shaded faces and features 25 entire encrusted materials and jewels. These include 18 carat pink gold, diamonds, and titanium. The most noticeable discrepancy from the other Hublot watches is the natural leather strap, which is usually rubber. The watch went for $90,000 during a Christie’s auction.

8. Classic Fusion Zirconium – $160,000

Although the design is not that dynamic, the Classic Fusion Zirconium is one of the most beautifully designed timepieces Hublot has made. The wrist watch is designed from zirconium, which is usually used in nuclear reactors, is highly effective, and has an outstanding proof to corrosion. It also has a chronograph function, a water resistance of up to fifty meters, and is self winding. Its power reserve can last up to forty two hours. To finish the design, the watch features lateral inserts and bezel lugs, giving this masterpiece a flair atmosphere. The cost of owning one Classic Fusion Zirconium is around $160,000.

7. Tourbillon Solo Bang – $170,000

The Tourbillon Solo Bang arrives whole with deployant buckles and black rubber straps. The watch is also water resistant up to a hundred meters, while the colors range from stainless steel to rose gold with all- black ceramic. In addition, the watch functions a manually-operated wining tourbillion mechanism and ceramic bezels. Also, the hue, which can be found at the 6 o’clock mark of the Tourbillon, varies from model to model. Some are stark and sleek, and others are vividly shaded. Make sure you have $170,000 before asking for the watch.

6. Classic Pink Gold & Diamonds – $180,000

Speaking of designs, the Classic Pink Gold & Diamonds is one of the most stylish Hublot watches out there, presenting the company’s legendary performance and engineering. Its case is stainless steel, which is also covered with a wonderful combination of brilliant diamonds and pink gold. The watch is based on Quartz movement. Its black rubber strap delivers just the right amount of contrast while providing longevity,

5. Big Bang King – $250,000

Among the a lot of all-black timepieces Hublot has built, the Big Bang King is most likely the most iconic. The beautifully modern, sleek watch comes with a ceramic case, a black dial with a sapphire crystal and, of course, Hublot’s signature rubber strap. Additionally, the watch is water proof up to one hundred meters and its power reserve can last up to 120 hours. Mixed with its exciting range of features, this watch is really unique. The last price for the Big Bang King was $250,000.

4.  Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition – $290,000

One of the most renowned Hublot collections is the Big Bang, which consists of one of the most unique and most rare timepieces: the Diamond Tourbillon Restricted Edition. There are only eighteen models in lifestyle, each offering a wonderful combination of the company’s classic components and innovative design. The watch comes with a bezel set with a chronograph that is controlled through a push button over the crown, 212 diamonds engraved in the case, and forty eight baguette diamonds.

3. Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000

The Masterpiece MP-02 is a very exclusive watch, even by Hublot’s standards. The watch comes with a innovative style and is created with titanium and black rubber. The face is reminiscent of a mesh of various dials, but there are three settings on the watch: one for telling the time, the other for speeding the time, and the last one for slowing down time. True, two of these settings are not really practical. The concept is to boast the sophisticated functions a Hublot watch can accomplish. The model came out in fifty pieces only, each valued at $305,000.

2. Black Caviar Bang – $1 million

Known as the best watch in the Grand Prix de Geneve of 2009, the Black Caviar Bang is a genuine marvel. The body is 18 carats white gold, while the face does not have any numbers. The watch’s clasp, case, and dial are coated in black baguette diamonds. This brings the total number of diamonds on the watch to a spectacular 544, all weighing 34.5 carats. You will have to part with one million dollars to get this item.

1. The Hublot – $5 million

The #1 most costly Hublot watch is also known as the Hublot, which goes at a breathtaking $5 million. Apart from this, the Hublot is also the world’s most pricey watch. In fact, due to the restricted supply and nature of the surface area of the watch, topping this masterpiece will be really complicated. It is coated with 1,200 diamonds (140 carats overall), such as 6 stones weighing at least 3 carats. The whole project took 17 people and 14 months to complete, with superstar Beyonce Knowles grabbing one for her hubby Jay-Z.

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